Maria Eugenia Poggio

I am interested in the training of young readers in pre-school and primary classrooms and I would especially like to collaborate with teachers around the problems and challenges they face in teaching and promoting reading.

What to read?
How to put together a reading itinerary? How to plan an exchange between readers?

How to build bridges between the library and the classroom? How to build bridges between reading at school and family reading?

The pleasure and experience of reading is part of life beyond the classroom, therefore it is not necessary to teach reading only for school. The teacher always conveys his experience as a reader. To train new generations of readers, it is important to strengthen the experience of teachers in a community of readers.

In the year 2022 in the Netherlands I began to realize the dream of
A page that can collaborate with the training of Spanish-speaking teachers, librarians and families interested in children's reading and the training of readers.
From here I also dream of being able to bring the Spanish language and Argentine culture closer to other countries like Nederland, today my Home.

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VAT/BTW number: NL 86 43 08024 B01
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